See what's going on.As a painter I have a strong personal vision of my time and depict it in my work. It's not decorative.I...

See what's going on.
As a painter I have a strong personal vision of my time and depict it in my work. It's not decorative.
I endeavor to bear witness to the evolution in the world. My work is the 21st century and what's important about it. My time. Your time.
The world is in constant motion. I collect images that substantiate this and creatively convert them into a contemporary form, computer-based, but gestural because the emotional aspect is essential: my works must touch and make you think.
That is why I summarize them in a series: BNOW: Brave new, old world.
human behavior is central to this. The form is often fragmentary, fluctuating to abstract, rough like the content. Form and content are one.

I'll take you by the hand
My Brave New Old World is always a personal reflection. A testimony, but colored, by my eyes, my thoughts, my emotions, my technique. Very own. Never perfect.
That ego reality has an untold charm. At the same time it is a mirror in which you can look.

Philosophy versus technology.
My work is not a decoration. It is a philosophical exposition with my time, with my environment and an analysis of the self: awareness. I want to share that with the viewer (do the same): the flaws are palpably captured in beauty. They are images of hope.
I handle all this very spontaneously, directly. I choose acrylic on paper (heavy), sometimes linen. But my pasty touch is more achievable on paper. It is direct, keeps what you put and does not run away or sink in. It is well protected behind glass. It works like a varnish and has depth.

Gabriella Cleuren 2017